Shawn Frayne, the president and founder of Humdinger Wind Energy, has a very interesting idea for generating small and medium scale wind power without turbines. The Windbelt flutters and vibrates in the wind, pulling on linear generators which generate electricity for applications ranging from remote telecom towers to cell phones and wireless sensors. One small-scale application they are targeting is the replacement of batteries in widely distributed wireless sensors in buildings with small micro generators that are only about 4 inches long and can generate power at wind speeds as low as 6 mph. They are also working on a new project called the Windcell Panel which consists of 20 windbelts in a single frame generating up to 100 W at a low cost of 4 cents per kWh with 20 km/h average winds for small-scale residential power. Shawn's goal is have a set of devices that can be widely deployed throughout the world at very low cost.