Britain aims for low-carbon future

Britain's Labour government places big bet on low-carbon future:

Ministers mainly plan to achieve this seven-and-a-half-fold expansion in just 12 years by increasing the proportion of electricity generated by renewables to 30 percent, from its present 5.5 percent—another huge transformation. Most of this will come from thousands of new wind turbines, both onshore and increasingly offshore.

"Feed-in tariffs" will take effect next April to provide money to householders who generate their own electricity, largely from rooftop photovoltaic panels, and a year later there will be a similar incentive for those that produce renewable heat as from solar water heaters or ground source heat pumps.

The government also plans to reduce emissions from homes through a "house by house, street by street transformation" on energy efficiency and by providing smart meters, which enable families to monitor their energy consumption, to every home in the country.

(Via Grist.)