Going VERTical

Going VERTical is a great new blog on the design and construction of a green home to be built to LEED platinum standards in Ottawa. They're just getting started, and I'm looking forward to following along on this journey:

Our number one consideration in a home? Health - for us as individuals and for the planet that we live on. For me, simply put, health means less toxic and sustainable - a better living environment and a smaller carbon footprint.

Some of you might be thinking - sounds like more work than building a standard home. Others may be thinking - what do you mean in tangible terms by less toxic and sustainable? To respond to the first - yes, this will be somewhat more work than building a standard home, and we welcome that.

I especially liked this line from Lessons from Portland:

The best lesson yet - it says 'love where you live'. Will do.

(Via Kate & Rob.)