Better Place unveils battery swap station

Better Place, the company started by Shai Agassi to revolutionize the car industry with clean, cheap 'fuel' for electric cars, recently unveiled it's battery swap system:

Most of the major automakers are racing to develop electric vehicles, and the first of them are slated to arrive next year. The question many people have is just where we’re supposed to charge those cars when they aren’t in our driveways.

Better Place is but one company trying to solve that riddle, and it’s approaching it from two sides. First, it wants to blanket cities with charging stations that would be installed in public parking lots and other locations. That’s relatively straightforward; far more challenging - some would say ludicous - is its plan to establish networks of battery swap stations. That was the focus of today’s demonstration in Japan, where the Ministry of Environment has signed on with Better Place to spur the adoption of EVs.