Top ten green projects

Dockside GreenThe [American Institute of Architects][] has released its list of the [top ten green projects][] for 2009, including [Synergy at Dockside Green][Synergy], a large mixed-use development in Victoria on a remediated brownfield site which achieved Canada's LEED Platinum rating. I highly recommend checking out the [AIA site][top ten green projects] with its detailed descriptions and gorgeous photos of the green features (including the shot of Dockside Green's 'water treatment system' shown here) for all ten of the projects. (Via [Dwell][]. Photo credit: Vince Klassen.) [American Institute of Architects]: "The American Institute of Architects" [Top Ten Green Projects]: "Top Ten Green Projects | AIA" [Synergy]: "Synergy at Dockside Green | AIA" [Dwell]: "Slideshow: Top Ten Green Projects | Dwell"