Ontario government drops hints on green energy stimulus

An article published in the Globe and Mail on February 5 suggests that the Ontario government may be about to make some important announcements on support for renewable energy:

The government is poised to introduce ambitious legislation that will profoundly shake up the province's electricity system by giving more scope for renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and biomass generation. Environmentalists and others who are familiar with the discussions at the Ministry of Energy are excited that the Green Energy Act will make Ontario a world leader in encouraging alternatives to conventional fossil-fuel power generation. Some even believe that there will be such a rush of green energy on to the power grid that the government might have second thoughts about building new nuclear plants.

I'm hopeful that the act will also give a major push to energy efficiency efforts, although this is only mentioned in passing:

Targets would also be set for conservation and demand management. It is expected that more than 15 current acts -- dealing with municipalities and energy agencies -- would have to be amended to accommodate the push for green energy.