About Daniel


"The cornucopia of efficiency is real, but it's the manual model: we actually have to go turn the crank. It's not easy, but it's easier than not doing it. And if we do get serious about using energy in a way that saves money, some big problems like oil dependence, climate change, and the spread of nuclear weapons will go away, not at a cost but at a profit, because efficiency is cheaper than fuel. That's a prize worth working hard to capture."

-Amory Lovins

I am a LEED Accredited professional in Ottawa working at Arborus Consulting on energy modelling and energy efficiency in new and existing buildings. I have a PhD in physics, with a strong background in advanced computer modelling of physical and chemical processes. I have completed and published in peer-reviewed journals a number of projects on chemical reactions in fuel cells, on the electronic structure of high-temperature superconductors in magnetic fields, and on signal detection of gravitational waves.